We all have the right to be living our lives healthy.


Some of us have to work harder than others to be able to feel well. For some it may feel like a constant struggle and it is easy to lose hope.

I believe we all can be healed, live our lives to fulfill our purpose and feel well. 

This is what I am working for.


I call myself Happylifecoach. Because that is what we wish for the most I guess - To live a free and happy life. 


Please feel welcome to join me and get inspired. I do consultations, lectures, workshops and treatments


See you!

Pernilla Pettersson




You are  worth to be taken care of!


In my treatments I work with Swedish massage, the Lotorp method ( breathing massage) mixed with dorntherapy, kinesiology and chinese medicine.

I also work with Bicom Bioresonance therapy, testing and correcting energyflows. The Bicom treatment is totally painfree.

Lectures and workshops 2020

Pernilla Pettersson

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Lectures & workshops


 Get inspired!


I am a passionate lecturer. My favourite topics are food as medicine, why we get sick and what to do about it, humans as energybeings and how it is all linked together with our body, mind and spirit. The knowledge I share is based on teachings of Medical Medium, Anthony William, Chinese medicine, my own experiences and intuition.


 Take back your power!


I am happy to help you understand why you dont feel well and what to do about it. 

We work together to find the rootcause to your problem and how to adress it. I work with food as medicine; fruits, vegetables, herbs, vitamins and minerals.

Keep a light heart, healing is possible.



Fantastic commitment, you radiate genuin joy in what you are talking about!

 Exciting, interesting, peptalk, thought provoking...

Thankyou so much, very inspiring and interesting! Easy to absorb and understand.

Wow, you are supercompetent! You really know what you are talking about.

Inspiring! You are natural and very nice to listen to.

Magic! You are fantastic, write a book!



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   28 juni 2020

1-dags Retreat "Stå i din egen kraft"

KL. 9-17, Elgsjögården, Häradstorp i Finspångs kommun. Läs mer här...

   Varannan onsdag


kl 18-20

11/3, 25/3, 8/4, 22/4, 6/5, 20/5, 3/6 och 17/6.

Pernilla ger vägledd meditation. Alla är välkomna, van som ovan och oavsett religion. 

Plats: Stationvägen 6, Finspång

Pris: 175kr/gång.

Anmäl dig till Pernilla via sms eller mail.

   Varannan onsdag 2020


kl 18-20

Temakvällarna blev inställda pga situationen i världen, jag skjuter fram och återkommer med nya datum. 

18/3 ADHD, ADD, Autism, OCD, dyslexi, bipolär.

1/4 "Autoimmuna sjukdomar" som Reumatism, psoriasis, MS, Ulcerös Colit, Crohns, Hashimotos etc.

15/4 Psykiska ohälsa. Ångest, oro, depression...

29/4 Trött! Binjuretrötthet, Utmattning, CFS, ME...

13/5 Förkylning och influensa. Hur vi skyddar oss.

27/5 Kosttillskott, vitaminer och mineraler. 

10/6 Stå i din egen kraft. Intention, mål och intuition.

24/6 Hopp, tillit & tro. Bön och änglar oavsett religion. 

Plats: Stationsvägen 6, Finspång

Pris: 225kr/ gång. 

Anmäl dig till Pernilla via sms eller mail.




Pernilla Pettersson


Besöksadress:  Stationsvägen 6, (Entren ligger med utsikt över sjön.)

612 30 Finspång

Email: pernilla@happylifecoach.se

Telefon: 070-130 95 15