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On this page I share links to websites, books and other things that I find helpful. Hope you like it as much as I do. 

Anthony William, Medical Medium:

Anthony Williams page where he shares a lot! Here you can find his recommended supplements, recipes, bloggposts etcs.

You can download the free app "Sundcloud". Search Anthony William and then you can listen to all his podcasts. He talks about a lot of different illnesses and different topics. 

Follow him on Facebook and instagram. He is very active and does lives rather often. 


Also read all his books. Buy them or lend at your library. 

Muneeza Ahmed, Medical intuitive:

This is Muneezas site. Here you can find free recources and online classes she offers. Muneeza has worked with Anthony William for her own health and With a lot of friends and relatives. She has a lot experience what Anthonys information really can do for our health. She is like a live endless source of knowledge and she loves to share and help. In her online classes she usually has a lot of admins with different proffessional skills, chiropractors, medical doctors, nurses, schamans, trauma therapists etc.. She does high quality classes. 

Follow her on Facebook, Instagram etc.

Some shopping ideas: 

A swedish site. Here you can find "Vimergy" products that Anthony highly recommends. They do have a special section called "Medical Medium" where they list by Anthony recommended products or similar.

A Swedish site. Here you can find dried herbs of almost all kinds. If you cannot find what you are looking for at the webshop, you can always give them a call and ask. 

This site is from USA. But they ship to Sweden and this is the recommended liposomal vitamin C that can be a big help when we struggle with illness. Good to know, you have an extra fee for customs to pay when you go get your package.

   28 juni 2020

1-dags Retreat "Stå i din egen kraft"

KL. 9-17, Elgsjögården, Häradstorp i Finspångs kommun. Läs mer här...

   Varannan onsdag


kl 18-20

11/3, 25/3, 8/4, 22/4, 6/5, 20/5, 3/6 och 17/6.

Pernilla ger vägledd meditation. Alla är välkomna, van som ovan och oavsett religion. 

Plats: Stationvägen 6, Finspång

Pris: 175kr/gång.

Anmäl dig till Pernilla via sms eller mail.

   Varannan onsdag 2020


kl 18-20

Temakvällarna blev inställda pga situationen i världen, jag skjuter fram och återkommer med nya datum. 

18/3 ADHD, ADD, Autism, OCD, dyslexi, bipolär.

1/4 "Autoimmuna sjukdomar" som Reumatism, psoriasis, MS, Ulcerös Colit, Crohns, Hashimotos etc.

15/4 Psykiska ohälsa. Ångest, oro, depression...

29/4 Trött! Binjuretrötthet, Utmattning, CFS, ME...

13/5 Förkylning och influensa. Hur vi skyddar oss.

27/5 Kosttillskott, vitaminer och mineraler. 

10/6 Stå i din egen kraft. Intention, mål och intuition.

24/6 Hopp, tillit & tro. Bön och änglar oavsett religion. 

Plats: Stationsvägen 6, Finspång

Pris: 225kr/ gång. 

Anmäl dig till Pernilla via sms eller mail.




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